mailsmarty API Client Library for PHP

The Ultimate Mail Delivery Service!

No longer do you have to worry about your message being delivered! No SMTP port blocking issues! (Sorry GoDaddy, Google Cloud) No hassle SMS services too!

Features include:-

  • Email (SMTP) delivery
  • Simple Message Service (SMS)
  • Composer friendly installation
  • WordPress Plugin
  • Simple REST API
  • Callback included to give you a real time delivery status

Table of Contents

Version 1.0 Is Finally Released!

This project is the culmination of many years of experience with mail delivery systems, anti-spam, and hosting services. (Since approximately 1997!)


Detailed API documentation with lots of code examples and a graphic guide can now be found at

Getting Started

$ composer require mailsmarty/mailsmarty-client

API Documentation

The most up-to-date documentation is located at It contains examples of usage of the various framework components.

Support and Licensing

Technical support is available at the official issue tracker: If you need support, leave an issue request and we will contact you.

Fair Licensing

Mail Smarty is free and released as open source software covered by the terms of the GNU Public License (GPL v3). You may not use the software, documentation, and samples except in compliance with the license. If the terms and conditions of this license are too restrictive for your use, alternative licensing is available for a very reasonable fee.


The Mail Smarty Client is community-driven software. It can't be what it is today without the help and support from the following people and organizations:



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